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District 20 RTO
  Posted Dec. 2017  


Updated May 6, 2018

Do you know individuals or groups who could benefit from a scholarship, donation or a recognition award?  If so deadlines are fast approaching.  Don’t miss these opportunities to encourage education, enhance our communities or recognize the outstanding contributions of our members. 


The provincial RTO/ERO office presents a number of grants, awards and charitable donations each year. Requests for provincial grants and awards must be approved by the District Executive prior to being forwarded to provincial office.  Member recommendations must reach the District executive by the established timelines in order to reach the provincial office on time.


For this year only there is a special RTO/ERO 50th Anniversary Award to be presented to a member who has provided outstanding leadership and/or exceptional work furthering the goals of RTO/ERO at the District level.  A special place has been created to honour the 50th Anniversary Award recipient with nominations coming from the District membership.  Please consider nominating someone you think merits this one time only prestigious award.


For Provincial Programs Contact  Gail Knox at  or visit the Provincial Website at      

For the District Awards, please find applications here.

Contact: Juanita Everett, 78 Hambly Road Napanee, Ontario K7R 3K8 or by email




Provincial 50th Anniversary District Award

February 28, 2018

Outstanding leadership and/or exceptional work for the District

Provincial 2017-2018 Scholarship

Close of business on February 20, 2018


Provincial RTO/ERO Charitable Donation

February 1, 2018

Provincial RTO/ERO Distinguished Member Award

May 1, 2018                            

Provincial RTO/ERO Founding Member Award

May 1, 2018


Provincial Service to Others

May 1, 2018

Local, national or international programs often involving children, disadvantaged groups, culture and heritage.

District 20  Project Service to Others Award

Click here to download the Fillable Application Form to send to Juanita Everett.


(Fillable PDF – please save with your name in the title of the file)

October 31, 2018

Support for programs focused on local groups with an education related theme, connection, goal or component and often involving children, disadvantaged groups, culture and heritage.

District 20 Irwin Ruttle Award

Please contact Juanita Everett with your proposals.

April 1, 2018

For outstanding voluntary contribution to the work of RTO/ERO at the District level.

The award comprise of a framed certificate and a donation in the amount of five hundred (500) dollars to a charity of the recipient’s choice.