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  Posted Jan. 28, 2014





This is an overview of provincial and district initiatives under this topic and is subject to confirmation and annual updates. Each year, the Provincial RTO/ERO and District RTO/ERO offer a variety of grants, charitable donations and awards to members and worthwhile projects.  Please consult the details below, and/or follow-up with the contacts listed below to secure additional information.

For Provincial Programs Contact:

Gail Knox at

OR Provincial Website at         SCHOLARSHIP Application Process: CLICK HERE

Ontario Government Senior Grant... ...  CLICK HERE

For District Programs Contact:

Susan Porteous  ….Second Vice-President,   District 20,        

(H)    613 548-1079


Read the updated information by clicking on this link  CLICK HERE (PDF file)


There are a number of grants,  charitable donations and awards presented each year by the provincial RTO/ERO office.  Members are encouraged to review these programs listed below and make recommendations to your local District 20 Executive within the established timelines.  Please note that the ‘Scholarship Program’ must be completed directly on the application placed on the provincial RTO/ERO website.

Scholarship Program 2014- 2015                            



Your District has established an award and grant program that is controlled and financed entirely by the District.

District 20 Irwin Ruttle Award

The District 20 Irwin Ruttle Award is named in honour of Irwin Ruttle who served as Secretary Treasurer of District 20 RTO/ERO for over twenty (20) years.  Irwin established an excellent model for volunteer service and leadership in RTO/ERO and in the wider community. The first recipient of this award was Irwin Ruttle.

The Irwin Ruttle Award will comprise:

-           A framed certificate;

-           A donation in the amount of five hundred (500) dollars to a charity of the recipient’s choice.


Eligibility and Criteria

The District 20 Irwin Ruttle Award is presented at the discretion of the District Executive to a RTO/ERO member in recognition of outstanding voluntary contribution to the work of RTO/ERO at the District level.  RTO/ERO members who are still serving in any capacity at the district level are normally not eligible for nomination for this award.


Nominations for the District 20 Irwin Ruttle Award must be submitted by April 1, 2014 to the Chair of the Awards Committee (Second Vice-President of the District).  This award, when a recipient has been approved, is awarded at the District Annual Meeting in the fall.

Award Winner

The District 20 Executive approved the nomination of Sylvia Dopking  in 2014.  This prestigious award was presented to Silvia at our Annual Meeting in October. Sylvia's choice for the $500 charitable donation was the  Lennox and Addington Seniors Outreach Services.

District 20, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Project Service to Others Grants

District 20 has adapted a version of the provincial RTO/ERO Service To Others Grant Program to provide a grant program at the District level funded by the District.  The District has earmarked a minimum of $2,000 annually to support this program.

What are the Goals of Project-Service to Others?

1. To provide financial assistance to education related and other community projects;

2. To facilitate member participation in education and/or community assistance projects;

3. To help serve educational and other needs of the disadvantaged in the community;

4. To promote District participation in local, provincial, national and/or international education/community projects;

5. To raise the profile of retired teachers and RTO/ERO;

6. To show the general public that retired teachers continue to serve after retirement;

7. To demonstrate to potential RTO/ERO members that RTO/ERO is a dynamic organization to which they should consider belonging when they retire.

How Does It Work?

District 20 will earmark a minimum of $2,000 annually for local Service to Others projects. The District

Executive will select projects on their merit. The Second Vice President, who has the responsibility for

"Awards", will receive the applications. In conjunction with the Awards committee, recommendations

will be made to the Executive.

If the budgeted amount is not spent in any one year the amount remaining will be carried forward as an

STO reserve fund. The amount to be awarded will never be more than $8000.00 in any one year.

Normally the maximum amount awarded to one project is $1000.00.

Either individuals or groups may apply for funding. An application form must be completed in full detail

to enable the Executive to make a decision. Applications must be received by October 31 of each year

and must be sent (electronically if possible) to the Second Vice President.

Successful applicants must submit a written record regarding the use of funds within 2 months of the

completion of the project. Photos and newspaper articles would be an additional asset in publicizing this



On-Line STO Application   CLICK HERE  (Please note..  This is a Microsoft Word document. You will need to save it and fill it out before sending to Susan)

Please complete the form and send it to Susan Porteous

Grant Recipients

2016:  Kingston WritersFest:  Festival Field Trip
           Grandmother Connection
           Beyond Classrooms Kingston


2015:  Seniors Association Kingston Region

2014:  St Marys' Hot Meal Program - Kitchen Renovation
           Retired Women Teachers of Ontario (RWTO) - Kingston Branch - Bags Plus Program
Outreach St George's Kingston - Christmas Meals Program
Retired Women Teachers of Ontario (RWTO) - Napanee Branch - Tales and Tunes or Tots Program